Conarhu Poetry In Motion (AI) "Swayze"


Born 09/09/2017 in Perth Western Australia

owned by Ruth Connah

Swayze is latest addition to the Conarhu household. This young cream girl is maturing very nicely and growing to follow her mum’s footsteps in the show ring. 

Swayze gained another BCC and RUBOB recently in a nice line up of girls. At 11 months old Swayze has 3 BCC to her name so on her way to her Championship Title. She has also gained 3 RBCC .

A big thank you must go to her handler Holly Louise Brighton, who has had the patience not only with Swayze, but with Ruth herself giving instructions on how to run her, what to do with her, and not what to do with her. Holly and Swayze are making a great team and certainly will achieve a lot side by side. 


Hip Grade: Pending
Hip Score: Pending
Elbow Grade: Pending
Heart: Pending
Eyes: Pending





Dam / Mum

Aust CH Ambermist Serenade "Mia"


Sire / Dad

Aus Ch Majik Macavity "Mac"


Very nice head and expression. Well set on neck. Correct in front and rear. Good top line
and tail set. The loin is a little long. She moves a little close in rear.
— Ms Renee Rault, judge - France