Westrova Alpha Primadonna - 08/06/2004 - 15/12/2017
Prim was shown in the show ring until she was about 6 months of age, but she really didn’t like it, so we stopped showing her and she lived as a loved family pet for the rest of her long life.




Conarhu Spirit in the Sky, 16/04/2003 - 02/06/2015
Spirit was a lovely calm girl who just loved being part of the family and loved all activities. When Manta went blind Spirit became her assistance dog and loved nothing more than swimming in the pool with Manta, holding Manta's lead and guiding her around the pool until they had both had enough.  They had such a special bond and it was really beautiful to see



Clairdoree Dance Mantra, 27/06/1998 - 15/01/2012
Manta was our water dog who loved nothing more than swimming at the beach, river or in our pool.  She would dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve her favourite toy, which was her squeaky hamburger.  On the way to the beach she would whine with excitement when we got close, she obviously could smell the sea water.  She would swim for miles quite happily, sometimes it was hard getting her to leave the beach.  Sadly Manta went blind when she was around 11 years old but this never stopped her, especially when she had our younger dog Spirit to guide her.



Ch Conarhu Gone with the Wind, 17/12/2001 - 02/11/2014
Butler was my special boy who also loved to go to the beach, and also chase balls until we got sick of throwing them. He was a typical golden retriever who loved to please, and he was in his element when he could make us happy, which he always did.  He loved the show ring and liked nothing better than strutting his stuff. He was our special boy and will always hold a special place in our heart



Ribbonwood Stage Hit, 19/11/1999 - 05/03/2013
We got Zena from a breeder in the eastern states, Ribbonwood Kennels.  She was purchased  to show in the ring, but she was really not keen so was retired very early.  She remained with us as a family pet until she passed away.




Dexter was another of our dogs who was not keen on the show ring so we did obedience trials with him instead, which he loved.