Golden Retriever Specialised

We are a golden retriever only grooming service, and we have been grooming for over 15 years.  Our skills have come from being taught by other show breeders, and from many years of experience. As we have show dogs, we can groom to the show standard, which means trimming the tail, feet, ears, and neck, and also thinning out the coat if necessary.  For a pet groom it is similar, but not as much is usually taken off the neck.  We will never shave a golden so please do not ask.  Golden retrievers have a double coat for a reason, and shaving them can lead to sunburn, and the inability to stay warm in winter and cooler in summer.  A regular brushing of your dog will keep your home relatively free of unwanted hair.


We only use the best grooming products

We only use the best quality products, and they are products we have used on our own dogs over the years.  Inexpensive products can be harsh and may dry out your dog’s coat and skin.  Using a good quality conditioner also makes the coat easier to brush and helps minimise knots and tangles. 


Appointments Only

10am till 4pm

10am till 4pm



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Bath & Blow Dry - $45

Using top quality shampoos and leave in conditioners, we can have your dog looking and smelling great in no time. We also clip nails, use finishing sprays and give a good brush out of the coat.

Trimming Work - $50

Dogs need to be clean for this type of groom. Trimming work done on ears, neck, paws, belly, thighs and tail. De-shedding, leave in conditioners and coat sprays used.

Full Groom - $75

Includes: wash and blow dry, de shedding, trimming work done on the paws, ears, neck (optional), tail & backs of the thighs. Nails clipped, Top of the range grooming products used.

Puppy Groom - From $30

Puppies under 8 months receive a wash and blow dry using top of the range show products, nail trimming, de-shedding, trimming work, brush out, leave in conditioner, finishing spray & lots of treats!



Ruth has groomed both of my show dogs on a regular basis and always has them looking their best. I would highly recommend Ruth if you want your golden retriever groomed, either for the show ring or a pet trim as she is knowledgeable, experienced, and knows how to make your dog look its best.”

— Ann Jones

Ruth recently groomed my older girl Tessa and she did a lovely job on her. I loved how gentle and kind Ruth was with Tessa as she doesn’t like being groomed very much. I will be taking Tessa back for a regular pet trim in future.

— Vicky Williams



Call 0414 479 691 to book an appointment